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Photo of Rebecca L. Owen and former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Helping You Clearly Understand How To Divide Your Marital Property In Divorce

Dividing your property in a divorce should be simple if you do not have much and your divorce is uncontested, right? Wrong. Arizona property division and other divorce-related documents are complicated and confusing. It is essential to get quality legal representation for any property division issues.

At the law office of Rebecca L. Owen, PLLC, we have had people come to our office after their division of property documents have been turned down by the court. Why? Not because the couple disagrees. Rather, because the divorce paperwork was not done correctly.

Experienced, Timely And Straightforward Property Division

Whether you both agree on your division of property and debt or you are anticipating a tough fight for various community property and pension plans, divorce attorney Rebecca L. Owen, of Phoenix, Arizona, has the skills, experience and ability to focus on your priorities while obtaining a fair and balanced property division settlement.

Our lawyer has more than 23 years of experience dealing with property division matters and other family law matters. She has been selected as Attorney of the Month in November 2008 by Arizona Magazine and she was recently named as one of Arizona’s 50 Top Attorneys for her volunteer work in the area of family law.

Our attorney’s style is down to earth, clear-spoken and efficient; and she has the experience and professionalism to assist you at the level that you need, with the client service that you have a right to expect, with results that you deserve.

Questions? We Can Help.

If you have questions about how to buy your spouse out of the home, are wondering how to keep the family vehicle and pay off debt, are concerned about child support and spousal support matters, you need family law attorney Rebecca L. Owen.

Whether you live in Maricopa County or a surrounding area, family law attorney Rebecca L. Owen returns all phone calls promptly. Call us at 602-635-2765 or toll-free at 877-463-0922, or send us an email.