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Getting You The Parenting Time And Visitation Agreement That Makes Sense For Your Family

When you are divorcing, there are a lot of hard feelings going around. Many parents who come to the law office of Rebecca L. Owen, PLLC, want sole custody of their kids. The biggest challenge our lawyer often has is to help them understand that the courts may not grant sole custody, unless the other parent fits the definition of unfit as explained by the law; examples of this could be addiction to drugs, mental illness, domestic abuse or being involved in other criminal activity.

The Trend Toward Equal Involvement Of Both Parents

When Rebecca L. Owen first began her practice of divorce and family law in 1997, many times the mom was awarded primary custody of the children, with the dad getting parenting time and visitation every other weekend and on some holidays. Dads were weekend dads, and that was it.

Times have changed. Today, many Arizona judicial officers believe that both parents should be closely involved in raising the kids. That’s why many parenting time solutions involve fairly equal time with both parents. This means that the kids spend approximately 50% of their time with mom and 50% of their time with dad.

Parenting Time Straight Talk

If you come to our law firm and request that we fight for parenting time, even though the spouse whom you are divorcing would not be considered unfit by the courts, attorney Rebecca L. Owen will tell you so.

As much as it is part of her job as a lawyer to fight for your rights and support you through this tough time, it is her job to let you know what is realistic and what to expect. You get to decide the path you wish to take, based on attorney Rebecca Owen’s experience and guidance. Once people begin to realize that fighting for majority parenting time and keeping one parent only a weekend parent may cause expensive attorney’s fees, considerable stress and lots of time, they tend to choose what works and is fair.

This saves time and money, avoids stress, and ultimately is better for the children because they are not involved in a long, drawn-out custody battle.

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