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Our office regularly gets e-mails and phone calls from people overseas asking: “How can I get a divorce in Arizona when I am so far away?”

As long as you remain residents of your home state of Arizona, you may file for divorce here in Arizona. Contact attorney Rebecca L. Owen by e-mail or by phone at 602-635-2765 or toll free at 877-463-0922.

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At any given moment, divorce lawyer Rebecca L. Owen may be working with clients from many different countries, including clients in Korea, Afghanistan, Italy, England, Germany, Mexico and Iraq. Even if you are out of the country because you received a military transfer, or you are a military spouse overseas, or you are abroad for family, work or other reasons, the divorce process does not need to be stopped.

Our law firm has considerable experience protecting the interests of military clients who are stationed overseas and at Luke Air Force Base, as well as other clients needing advocacy and guidance related to a divorce, child custody, paternity, support or any other family law related matter.

Arizona family law will apply to your legal issue. As a former member of the military for several years prior to earning her law degree, divorce lawyer Rebecca L. Owen understands some of the issues you may be dealing with from overseas.

Divorce concerns for our clients include:

Getting an Overseas Divorce

Even if you are both overseas, our law firm can assist you in obtaining a divorce or resolving any other family law matter in an affordable, straightforward and trustworthy manner. We can work primarily by e-mail and telephone.

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If you are an Arizona resident and you are having a family law legal problem that you need advice with, contact our Phoenix child custody attorney. Call 602-635-2765 or toll free at 877-463-0922 or send us a message.

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