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Providing You With The Strong Representation You Need To Navigate Your Out-Of-State Divorce

The law office of Rebecca L. Owen, PLLC, has been helping people with their long-distance family law issues since 1997. Lead attorney Rebecca L. Owen is an experienced family law attorney who understands Arizona family laws, the divorce process and the associated complications that can arise. At our law firm, we pride ourselves on getting our clients through these difficult times.

Long-Distance Divorce Representation

Rebecca L. Owen cares deeply about fighting to protect your best interests and the interests of your children. Dealing with a divorce across states lines can bring up many issues in matters related to:

Many long-distance family law issues can be worked out with alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as divorce mediation. We will work with you to determine which route best suits your needs.

If You Cannot Make A Court Appearance, We Can Appear For You

At the law office of Rebecca L. Owen, PLLC, we understand that work, travel and other issues can arise that make it impossible to return to Arizona for court appearances. If you are out of state and seeking a divorce, we can discuss options such as an appearance via telephone, rescheduling the court date or appearing on your behalf.

Even if both you and your spouse no longer live in Arizona, it is still possible to obtain a divorce if you are both still residents of the state. We will work with you to determine the easiest and most cost-efficient method to solve your legal problems.

Contact An Out-Of-State Divorce Lawyer

If you are dealing with a long-distance divorce and need the assistance of a competent lawyer, we can help. Contact our law firm by email or call 602-635-2765 or 877-463-0922 for an initial consultation. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.