Strong Support And Guidance While Determining Decision Making Authority And Child Custody Arrangements

Perhaps no issue divides a divorcing couple more than the question of who gets the children. Both parties feel they are entitled. The child or children are theirs after all, and they should be able to make decisions for them.  It is easy to see why child custody often leads to heated courtroom battles.

At the Phoenix, Arizona, law office of Rebecca L. Owen, PLLC, it is our job to protect our clients’ rights as parents and ensure they have a fighting chance at getting custody of their children. If a parent does not receive custody, our Phoenix child custody attorney work to make sure the client receives ample opportunity to be involved in their kid’s lives.

Determination Of Custody

There are a number of ways child custody can be determined. Our Phoenix child custody attorney will explain to clients the options and help them make a decision on how to proceed. A lot of times, the parties will go through mediation to see if an agreement can be reached amicably. If no agreement can be reached, then the issue of custody will be determined through litigation.

Often before going to trial, a divorcing couple will seek assistance from a professional counselor. The counselor will perform testing and provide an evaluation to the court to assist in the determination of who should get custody. Our Arizona paternity lawyer will be there for clients through any child custody issue they might have including post decree modifications of custody.

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